Personal Invitation

From my heart to yours

I invite you to join me and step into the embrace of Infinity. You are a powerful, magnificent being!

Our connection at this moment through these words is real. Let us celebrate this unity and infinitude of our true nature!

Thank you for stopping by.

Boundless Love and Light,
Suresh Ramaswamy

Just Be

Just Be. A simple and essential directive. Profound, potent and powerful. In your hands is a reminder of ultimate truths and a guide to help you trace back to your true nature which is Infinity. Pertinent no matter where you are on your journey.

Just Be, Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity — a book that is designed to be transformative. Through words and going beyond words to catalyze shifts in consciousness.

Just Be offers a framework for understanding the human experience of life. It’s not a philosophy. Just Be acts as a beacon, transmitting from a place of high inspiration to vibrationally uplift the reader. It also imparts a rich collection of practical techniques to guide us back to the Source of Infinity.

Upon leading us back to the Infinity, which is our Essence, Just Be goes further. It shows how one can live wholly from this place of Light and Love while engaging with and thriving amidst the human condition. We can then embrace physical reality as an exquisite manifest form of Infinity.

Beingness, a natural state of joy and exultation, is revealed to be at the core of embodying our Essence. This realization can be expressed in magnificently creative ways. Consider this offering as an invitation from Infinity to frolic in the indescribable and mystery-filled delight of beingness!

Stay tuned for news on the release of this book in the near future.

Praise for Just Be

“Suresh Ramaswamy is one of the purest lights and clearest embodiments of infinity that you will find. He is filled with his soul’s profound integrity and inspired by his heart’s radiant love. A modern-day Rumi, Suresh personifies the bright light of divine truth and is a clear expression of infinity’s richest wisdom.

His book, Just Be, is refreshingly revolutionary—it bypasses traditional spiritual ‘teaching’ and invites you simply to remember, then to awaken to your already perfect nature: as a beautiful being of pure infinity.

Because this liberating invitation comes from a true spiritual master who lives daily in this glorious state of light, you’ll find it easy to follow his lead and find yourself quite naturally expanding into your very own infinite being.”

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern-day mystic
Author of Soul Vision: A Modern Mystic Looks at Life through the Eyes of the Soul 

“It is rare to encounter someone with such an exalted level of consciousness as Suresh. Beings at Suresh’s level are few and far between on this planet.”

Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.
Author of The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma

Transform Your Life

At San Diego Community College and OASIS Institute, Suresh teaches Transform Your Life, a new course designed for the expansive times we live in. He leads workshops on life transformation and delights in working with individuals one-on-one through the Lucid Field Radiance life coaching program.

Suresh has shared his transformational message in a wide range of settings: corporate, college, senior center, non-profit, church, bookstore, hospice, community organization.

In the San Diego region, Suresh leads the Accelerated Growth Program, which is uniquely designed for those focused on personal growth. He periodically speaks on personal growth topics at The Philosophical Library, Controversial Bookstore, and Ascension Bookstore.

With his background as an entrepreneur, engineer, and executive, he brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating the level of well-being on our planet.

You’ll often find him enjoying running barefoot on the beach at sunset, reading non-fiction, and playing table tennis.

“Suresh stands out as a providential Emissary of Light. He is endowed with a generous heart, expansive consciousness, and tremendous clarity and insight.

He brings lofty truths about the nature of our being to earth at this crucial time in a most grounded and remarkably selfless way.

Indeed, Suresh is a true saint in our midst. I am very honored to know him.”

Antoinette Spurrier
Author of Creating Deliberate Happiness, The Complete Guide

Enamored with the interplay of subtle energy, consciousness and technology and their ability to impact personal growth and wellness, Suresh (pronounced sōō・ray・sh) Ramaswamy was led to found Lucid Field to bring his vision of a higher wellness to reality. In his words, “Consciousness and energy precede physiology. When we shift to this paradigm, true wellness naturally flourishes.”

Suresh is a visionary entrepreneur with multiple technology patents. He has a successful track record of conceiving breakthrough ideas and nurturing them from seed stage to real-world business engines. He has held leadership positions in several high-tech companies and has a graduate degree in electrical engineering from the University of Southern California.

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“Suresh’s energy is Divine. His energy hangs out in the angelic realm, deep in the cosmos, guided by evolved beings to help the human race transcend limited beliefs.”

Marie Manuchehri, RN, Internationally Known Energy Intuitive
Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Host of radio show Where Energy and Medicine Meet

Suresh has contributed to More Java Gems, a book on software design published by Cambridge University Press, and also co-authored articles published in Journal of Object-oriented Programming, Java Report, and other technology journals.

Suresh serves as International Advisor to Neuro Health Foundation, and as a patient care volunteer at the Hospice of North Coast. He directs and coordinates Wellness in all Dimensions, a monthly seminar series in the San Diego area. He is also a Reiki Master.

He is passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of consciousness and brings a lifelong interest in personal growth.

“Suresh’s energy is Divine. I really think his energy hangs out in the angelic realm, deep in the cosmos, guided by evolved beings to help the human race transcend limited beliefs.”

Marie Manuchehri, RN, Internationally Known Energy Intuitive
Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Host of radio show Where Energy and Medicine Meet

“Suresh is one of the most capable, patient, honest life coaches on the planet who will meet you right where you are and guide you to all the way to Absolute Clarity.”

Koort Wallien, San Diego, California

Conscious Awareness TV Interview

Within minutes of my first face-to-face sharing with Suresh, I found us co-creating a remarkable and lucid expansion of awareness in a rapidly unfolding and profoundly natural process of staying open to noting our actual moment to moment experience.

As I continue to share with him, I appreciate his unusual level of awareness as a dedicated, open, highly experienced mentor, guide, group facilitator, and teacher.

Rich Murray, San Diego, California
BS Physics (MIT), MA Psychology (Boston University)

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Suresh Ramaswamy - Transformational Teacher


“Suresh is a one-of-a-kind bright light, someone who literally embodies the very higher frequencies of Light that he teaches us about.


When being taught, helped or guided by Suresh, you will find yourself being transformed and awakened at levels much deeper than his words.


If you peer deep within Suresh’s heart, you’ll find there a vast soul bubbling with infinite love and compassion for every element of your being.”


Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern Mystic Author of Soul Vision and Oz Power, Co-founder of World Peace Institute and The Center for Soulful Living