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Just Be. Profound, potent, powerful. Just Be’s essential message is simple. Just be who you are. Who you are is pure essence. Suresh Ramaswamy has created this indispensable resource charged with high vibrations of light, designed to take you to your highest potential. You will discover what life is truly about, learn practices to experience a deeper reality rooted in beingness, and understand how to live from that reality. Uplifting, inspirational, and overflowing with beautiful jewels of wisdom, Just Be will transform you, leading to a life of infinity pulsating with love, peace, and joy.

Just Be is the ultimate manual for life—a classic in the vein of Eckhart Tolle. Discover the ‘art of being’ and be uplifted and awakened by light. Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational master gently guiding us back to our infinite essence. Just Be is a must-read for anyone dedicated to personal growth!

Marci Shimoff, Transformational Leader

#1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

About the Author


Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational teacher and visionary entrepreneur passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of humanity. With his background as an electrical engineer and technology executive, he brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating consciousness on our planet. Held in high regard by people around the world, Suresh’s light-filled presence and guidance awakens them to their innermost essence.


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2018 International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Award
3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards
2018 Nautilus Book Award
 2019 Independent Press Award
13th National Indie Excellence Award
2019 Readers’ Favorite


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2019 International Book Award
13th National Indie Excellence Award
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3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards
2018 International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Award
2019 Living Now Book Awards

A heart-to-heart conversation with Suresh covering a range of topics on personal transformation, including his discovery of deeper truths. Here is a recent viewer comment:

“Wow, this is brilliant! Suresh explained how I was feeling perfectly. So much true wisdom here in one video! Thank you so much. I will be listening to this many times, as this is a very wonderful message indeed.”

What’s Inside

The understanding and tools you need

Just Be helps you transform your life.

Every corner of Just Be holds treasures that you can uncover as your journey unfolds.

Use the keys provided to reach your highest potential.

Just Be‘s 500+ pages pack a lifetime of wisdom making it a must-have resource.


Discover the magic and beauty of pure beingness.


Get to know who you really are.


Bask in the high vibes infused.


Go beyond enlightenment to Infinitude.


Invoke Light, the most powerful transformative agent.


Be introduced to Infinity, Pure Consciousness.


Flow with life.


Act rooted in the state of beingness.


Transform from the inside out.


Be with emotions by flowing with them.


Unlock the mystery of true love in relationships.


Use included practices to accelerate shifts in consciousness.


Transcend the physical to access higher dimensions.


Integrate your transcendent experiences.


Embody your essence.


Immerse yourself in profound stillness.

You’ll find insights

Just Be is overflowing with jewels of wisdom. By applying the inspired and deep insights in Just Be, you can find enduring solutions to life’s challenges.


Unsettling Emotions

Why do I feel unsettled so often? Why do troubling emotions arise and bother me?


Racing Mind

Why is my mind unstoppable?


Upsets and Upheavals

Why are relationships so upsetting?


True Purpose

What is my true purpose for being here?


Life Questions

Where can I find answers to life questions?


Confused about choices

Where can I find guidance on making choices wisely? How can I make the most of the transition I am going through?


Daunting To-do List

Will I ever get to the end of my ever-growing to-do list?


Elusive Fulfillment

How do I find lasting fulfillment?


Ongoing Stress

How can I overcome stress and overwhelming difficulties?


Hollow Success

Why does success feel incomplete and unsatisfying?



How can I connect with the vastness of my being?



How best can I contribute to my community and the planet that I care so much about?



Release limiting beliefs through powerful techniques of inner transformation.



Learn techniques for deep relaxation, a prerequisite to access higher consciousness



Learn to slow down and shift from doingness to beingness.


Inner Joy

By getting in touch with your essence, experience inner joy independent of outer circumstances.



Immerse yourself in profound stillness through meditation.


Grand Picture

Comprehend the grand picture through lucid descriptions of realms of reality—comprising the many dimensions our being spans.


Emotional Balance

Balance your emotions for success in relationships and long-term personal growth.


Advanced Practices

Learn to work with the breath and through dreams.



Tame the mind through expanding consciousness.


Nature of Light

Understand the nature of Light, an incredible aspect of creation.


Graceful transition

Understand the opportunity in the process of dying. Dying can be a beautiful transition, a chance for huge leaps in consciousness.

Suresh Ramaswamy is one of the preeminent enlightened souls who is here on earth because he volunteered to come back as an emanation of the Divine and be a catalyst for the transcendent work.

I see Suresh as a great soul, a great Light, continuing to feed the earth with engrams and patterns of light simply by being here— just being, just being in a state of divine ecstasy—and also through his presence and manifesting that light of the presence. Through the nexus of his being, he has become the instrument for this beautiful alchemy and extension of Divine love.

I’m articulating from Shiva this essence because as Suresh continues to share and teach, and inspire, and empower others through the nexus of his heart-mind connection, which is so pure, and so crystalline and so refined, there is through his teaching and sharing, a great uplift and a great transformation.

By seeing Suresh, you receive a greater impartation of the essence of his enlightenment and illumination, which will then help transform you. The Light pouring through his being is part of his destiny; it is like the Christic or the Illumination of the Sun. As Suresh dances with the Divine, he morphs into it, and the Divine morphs into Suresh, and who can say where the Divine ends and Suresh begins.

David Christopher Lewis, Mystic and founder of The Hearts Center

Author of Advanced Studies of the Human Aura: How to Charge Your Energy Field with Light and Spiritual Radiance

Suresh Ramaswamy is a most wonderfully clear and brilliant Presence, here on Earth to share his special gifts. His beautiful and inspired book Just Be holds his Light and wisdom in a powerful and exquisite way that will bless every reader. I celebrate Suresh’s profoundly transformational and generous offering to all those who seek fulfillment.
Cynthia Lane, M.A.

Founder FirstLight Transformations

Suresh Ramaswamy is one of the purest lights and clearest embodiments of infinity that you will find… a true spiritual master who lives daily in this glorious state of light. Suresh personifies the bright light of divine truth and is a clear expression of infinity’s richest wisdom.
Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern-day mystic

Author of Soul Vision: A Modern Mystic Looks at Life through the Eyes of the Soul

It is rare to encounter someone with such an exalted level of consciousness as Suresh, beings like him are few and far between on this planet.
Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

Author of The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma

Suresh Ramaswamy stands out as a providential Emissary of Light… a true saint in our midst.
Antoinette Spurrier, Counselor

Author of Creating Deliberate Happiness, The Complete Guide

Suresh’s energy is Divine. His energy hangs out in the angelic realm, deep in the cosmos… helping the human race transcend limited beliefs.
Marie Manuchehri, RN, Internationally Known Energy Intuitive

Author of Intuitive Self-Healing, Host of radio show Where Energy and Medicine Meet

As one who for over fifty years has read many, many books on psychology, philosophy, metaphysics, and spirituality, and many books on human potential and personal growth related to those subjects, Suresh Ramaswamy’s Just Be is to me among the mountaintop best.

While reading through its pages, a phrase from a poem written by India’s Rabindranath Tagore often occurs to me: “…that training is the most intricate which leads to the utter simplicity of a tune.” In the case of Just Be, the author’s experiential realizations must be the “intricate training” which has enabled him to simplify with substantial clarity subtle and important aspects of the aforementioned subjects. His work is well thought out, thought through, and organized overall; is presented in a balanced style of composition that speaks to left- and right-brain predominant readers alike; and is presented in an open, informal format that makes for a relaxed read. His works offer useful information and tools to everyone from deep, introspective analysts to everyday folks looking for some practical emotional help in today’s modern, stressful world.

Tagore’s Nobel-quality poetry has been referred to as “sublime.” I do not feel that I am overreaching to use the same adjective for Just Be. It is diamond-like in its combination of refinement and substance—it is a tool chest and a treasure chest wherein an author and his works reflect one another in their clarity and rarity.

As one with many decades of involvement in the human potential/personal growth movement, I am nevertheless getting new and important benefits from Just Be. I am recommending it to all my family and friends.

Myke Smitley, Philosopher

Author of The Great Circle

I’m always on the lookout for fresh, clear expressions of spirituality, and Just Be is definitely that. It has so much to offer every reader—from the experienced to the beginner. Many will benefit hugely from it. Thank you Suresh, for giving it to the world.

Peter Francis Dziuban, Public Speaker

Author of Consciousness Is All and Simply Notice

Just Be is a recipe for living a life of peace and joy, filled with insights and clear explanations of deep mystical Truth. Reading the words and doing the oh-so-practical exercises is a delicious experience of the divine.

Suzanne Giesemann, former U.S. Navy Commander and Evidential Medium

Author of Messages of Hope and Still Right Here

Quantum Shift Through Osmosis… Rarely am I as emphatic about a book. But this is not just a book. The minute I picked up Just Be and started reading the pages, I could feel myself shifting into my highest state of Being. I’m not saying this is a short cut. What I am saying is that I found a profound exchange from ingesting this book as it allowed me to align in high calibration. Please read this book. It will be your service to the world to be able to ascend to your highest level and this book is the tool.

Katy Bray, Leadership Consultant and Clairvoyant

Author of The Seven Mental Models for the Conscious Team

With Just Be, Suresh Ramaswamy makes an important contribution to the literature of practical, non-dogmatic spirituality. The book is filled with useful insights and an impressive inventory of techniques, both traditional and innovative, that are sure to advance the reader’s spiritual progress regardless of his or her chosen path.

Philip Goldberg, Public Speaker

Author of American Veda and The Life of Yogananda


From My Heart to Yours

I invite you—a powerful, magnificent being—to join me and step into the embrace of Infinity.

Our connection at this moment through these words is real. Let us celebrate this unity and infinitude of our true nature!

Thank you for stopping by.

Boundless Love and Light,


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Customer Review: “I love this CD. It’s like no other. Pure bliss. Just takes you there. I highly recommend it. It is a part of my daily routine. So amazing.”


Aumhum, a new app, offers you an easy-to-follow course with Suresh called The Art of Being where you can learn meditation and how to cultivate a sitting practice.

The course also covers the art of being going beyond meditation to a new way of living.

Available now on your smartphone. 


Let Suresh guide you to higher states of consciousness.
You can now access Suresh’s meditations on the free Insight Timer app or online.

Awaken to Oneness was referred to by one reviewer as “a truly magnificent meditation guiding us to the purest light.”


Light of Consciousness, Journal of Spiritual Awakening reviews Just Be in its Autumn 2020 issue. Below is an extract.

After years of meditation, Suresh Ramaswamy had a transformational experience of the Light of Infinity. Through this blessing, he was inspired to share the Light he was shown with other seekers on the path. Just Be is a manual for awakened living. As he writes, “To Just Be, you have to change from looking outward to looking inward. Looking inward takes a conscious effort and brings you closer to your true identity.”

Just Be offers practices for cultivating awareness, working with emotions, breathwork, dreamwork, healing meditations and much more, focusing on the soul’s highest attainment: Enlightenment.


“​A must-read for anyone dedicated to personal growth.”


– Marci Shimoff

“​Just Be is refreshingly revolutionary.”


– Bill Bauman

 “Just Be is a timeless trove of wisdom.”


– Cherie Kephart