Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational teacher and visionary entrepreneur passionate about igniting and catalyzing the transformation of humanity. He is the award-winning author of Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity.

With his background as an electrical engineer and technology executive, Suresh brings an inspired yet pragmatic approach to elevating consciousness on our planet. Held in high regard by people around the world, Suresh’s light-filled presence and guidance awakens them to their innermost essence.


Beyond credentials and titles, accolades and achievements, Suresh considers himself a heartfriend to all. He feels privileged and humbled to share in the Light and serve you as someone who is the same in essence. He is blessed to feel a connection and unity with everyone at levels where words fall short. He extends his love to you and is grateful for your presence.

Suresh Ramaswamy is one of the purest lights and clearest embodiments of infinity that you will find. He is filled with his soul’s profound integrity and inspired by his heart’s radiant love. A modern-day Rumi, Suresh personifies the bright light of divine truth and is a clear expression of infinity’s richest wisdom.

His book, Just Be, is refreshingly revolutionary—it bypasses traditional spiritual ‘teaching’ and invites you simply to remember, then to awaken to your already perfect nature: as a beautiful being of pure infinity.

Because this liberating invitation comes from a true spiritual master who lives daily in this glorious state of light, you’ll find it easy to follow his lead and find yourself quite naturally expanding into your very own infinite being.

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern-day mystic

Author of Soul Vision: A Modern Mystic Looks at Life through the Eyes of the Soul


Suresh’s inspired offering Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity, is a distillation of the most essential and highest wisdom of our infinite nature and the means to achieve that realization. Just Be has been honored with over a dozen awards since its release, including the prestigious Nautilus Book Award and the International Soul-Bridge Award. Enthusiastic readers from all over the world have greeted Just Be with words such as: “Among the best books on consciousness and spiritual awakening,” “an important book for anyone serious about enlightenment.”

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2018 International Soul-Bridge Body-Mind-Spirit Award
3rd Annual Body, Mind, Spirit Book Awards
2018 Nautilus Book Award
 2019 Independent Press Award
13th National Indie Excellence Award
2019 Readers’ Favorite

Suresh is a founding member of Transformational Authors of San Diego (TASD), a collective of authors from San Diego whose books focus on all aspects of well-being. The writings of TASD authors guide their readership on a journey toward deeper personal growth and evolution.

You can read his recent article titled Beingfulness—The Pure Joy of Simply Being.

Suresh has shared about writing and publishing at numerous writers workshops and panels. He has also contributed to several technical publications.



Suresh is a transformational teacher committed to the blossoming of the highest human potential. He feels a fervent calling to raise the consciousness of the planet and brings a lifelong interest in personal growth. He has shared his transformative message in a wide range of settings: bookstore, church, college, community organization, corporate, hospice, non-profit, and senior center. His heart-centered messages bring light into every setting. He also teaches the popular course Transform Your Life at the San Diego Community College; the course has now been offered for almost a decade. 

Suresh has been interviewed on numerous shows throughout the years and also shared on online summits and corporate leadership events. His interviews have been well-received and have found a wide audience online. Those who have attended Suresh’s events often comment about his warmth and down-to-earth style. His approachability and non-judgmental embrace of all our human experiences make him accessible and endearing.


Suresh has led numerous retreats and publicly presented about the transformational journey and our true nature. His Tasting Infinity retreats have been offered in North America and Asia. He has a unique and powerful style of presenting that audiences find engaging and uplifting. These light-drenched retreats explore experientially and conceptually how to reclaim our infinite nature, how to abide in it and make it real even as we live in this physical world.

Those who have immersed themselves in Suresh’s sublime guided meditations have reported tremendous expansion and quantum shifts in consciousness. These intensive retreats are well suited for those who have a strong yearning for truth and have some familiarity with meditation practice.

Those who can see deep—awakened mystics, spiritual luminaries, renowned intuitives, and clairvoyant seers—have hailed Suresh as “a providential Emissary of Light,” and “at an exalted level of consciousness rarely seen on the planet.” They have drawn attention to the transformation of consciousness that transpires through Suresh’s presence as a blessing from Infinity for our times.


Suresh has been recognized as a technology visionary and innovative inventor. A graduate of the University of Southern California with a Masters degree in electrical engineering, Suresh has held leadership positions in several high-tech companies. He has a successful track record of conceiving breakthrough ideas and nurturing them from seed stage to real-world business engines.

Suresh has contributed to technical publications in software design and holds multiple patents in that field. He has also shared his knowledge and passion for technology through teaching courses in Computer Science for many years at the University of Colorado.


Now is a precious time pregnant with possibilities, the most significant possibility being the emergence of a new consciousness. This shift to a new consciousness heals us on multiple dimensions and brings new glory to the planet.

For this shift to accelerate, we need to rise as light-bearers and embrace our infinite nature. Suresh is an usher of higher consciousness for our times. Through Suresh’s presence, a powerful portal of Light to access the infinite directly and readily is illuminated. Suresh empowers and emboldens us to reach for the highest aspect of our being. He exemplifies the lofty possibilities that are available to each one of us. Vitalized by this connection with Suresh, we can walk more easily into higher consciousness.

The Light of Infinity is the fundamental emanation from which everything arises. Consciously entering into and entraining with the Light of Infinity effectuates a recognition of our vast nature. Suresh offers a special empowerment for this purpose—the Light of Infinity Empowerment—at his retreats. This empowerment makes the Light of Infinity more accessible and available. Such transmission of Grace can galvanize a quantum increase in inner Light, for those who are receptive and yearn for a shift in consciousness.

Suresh founded a non-profit organization called Radiant Field, which is dedicated to accelerating the evolution of human consciousness. His approach to elevating the level of consciousness on the planet—informed by his background in spirituality, technology, and business—is a compelling one; it is imaginative, creative, and practical.

Radiant Field aims to bring about global transformation with Light. In this video, Suresh explains the vision.

It is rare to encounter someone with such an exalted level of consciousness as Suresh, beings like him are few and far between on this planet.

Steven L. Hairfield, Ph.D.

Author of The Twelve Sacred Principles of Karma

Suresh’s energy is Divine. His energy hangs out in the angelic realm, deep in the cosmos… helping the human race transcend limited beliefs.
Marie Manuchehri, RN, Internationally Known Energy Intuitive

Author of Intuitive Self-Healing


As a personal and spiritual guide to help navigate life challenges while aiming for one’s highest potential, Suresh has worked with numerous individuals as a life coach. Through his light-centric style of coaching based on consciousness osmosis, he offers a big picture understanding and vibrational upliftment for transformation and awakening. As Bill Bauman, modern mystic and author of Soul Vision has observed, “When being taught, helped or guided by Suresh, you will find yourself being transformed and awakened at levels much deeper than his words.”

In the corporate world, he has worked with leadership teams at global corporations such as Microsoft, Marriott International and Dell EMC offering practical and inspired insights into business organization, motivation, emotional intelligence, and conflict resolution based on higher consciousness principles.

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Lake San Marcos, California


Suresh is the awakening leader of the Accelerated Growth Program, and organizer of the popular Wellness in All Dimensions group bringing people together and increasing awareness on the topics of consciousness, wellness, and technology.

Presentation on Thermography
Presentation on Biofeedback
Presentation on Functional Medicine

Suresh stands out as a providential Emissary of Light. He is endowed with a generous heart, expansive consciousness, and tremendous clarity and insight.

He brings lofty truths about the nature of our being to earth at this crucial time in a most grounded and remarkably selfless way.

Indeed, Suresh is a true saint in our midst. I am very honored to know him.

Antoinette Spurrier, Counselor

Author of Creating Deliberate Happiness, The Complete Guide


Suresh has acted as a mentor and wisdom advisor to entrepreneurs, executives, and high-achievers, who are dynamic thought leaders from startups, Fortune 500 companies, and nonprofits seeking to transform the world. He serves as International Advisor to Neuro Health Foundation, a non-profit, non-governmental global organization based in India. The goal of the Neuro Health Foundation is to improve neurological health of the masses and make a difference in the lives of billions around the world. He also serves as an advisor to Aumhum, creator of a unique app that connects you to a meditation teacher who can guide you on your inner journey.


Suresh Ramaswamy was born in India and spent his formative years cradled in the heart-wisdom of the East. From an early age, he felt strongly drawn to the profound verities of being and existence. He drew inspiration from many wisdom traditions, but ultimately directly from the Light of Infinity itself. 

Suresh lives near the ocean in beautiful San Diego, California with his wife and two children. You’ll find him enjoying running barefoot on the beach at sunset, playing table tennis, dipping into transcendental written works, and sharing about Infinity and Light with like-minded souls. Above all, you will find him just being.