Accelerated Growth Program takes the transformational process to a new level.

AGP is a mentoring program for individuals who are committed to personal transformation. It is especially for those aspiring for the highest—accessing sublime states and living as an infinite being.

Through AGP, you connect with a group of like-minded individuals and that will help you maintain your growth momentum and stay inspired. Also you are more accountable and therefore develop wholesome habits to cultivate awareness. It is easy to drift otherwise with life’s demands.

The AGP approach is based on what is shared in Just Be and Suresh’s classes and workshops. In some ways, it is like continuing the conversation from the book and retreats.

AGP is a six-month program; the upcoming AGP will be from July to December 2021.


These are the activities you can expect.

  • 2-hour monthly calls (approx 5 in each six month period), meditation and discussion
  • One-on-one coaching session once during the entire period.
  • Monthly homework assignments
  • AGP WhatsApp group for messaging, staying connected and inspired
  • Just Be Study Group bimonthly conference call
  • Daily Awakening Infinite Radiance (AIR) practice
  • Annual meditation retreat (offered by Suresh or elsewhere). With current COVID restrictions, this is optional.
  • Serve the collective as a Light Emanator (see
  • 30-day meditation challenge with the group

The meeting time for the monthly calls will be 6 pm Pacific on a Monday evening. The group size will be small so there is plenty of opportunity to interact. There will be recordings available in case you miss a meeting.

One participant from last year summarized the AGP experience this way: “AGP is a sanctuary of Light and Love.” For past participants, the monthly guided meditation has been one of the highlights. Also, the coaching session can be useful to addressing personal matters that are impacting growth. AGP is being offered for a nominal cost–$200 which includes the one-on-one coaching session!

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AGP is not necessarily for everyone. If you are ready to make personal growth a top priority, AGP can help you tremendously.