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Accelerated Growth Program

Accelerated Growth Program (AGP) is a mentoring program created by Suresh Ramaswamy for individuals who are committed to personal transformation. It is especially for those who aspire for the highest—individuals like you who wish to raise your consciousness and live as infinity.

AGP takes the transformational process to a new level. Through Suresh’s guided meditations and the power of being together with high intention, you will immerse your consciousness in the glorious vibrations of Light. Profound transformation transpires from repeated deep dives into the ocean of Light.

Next AGP Sequence

Begins July 2024

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At AGP, you connect with like-minded individuals who help you stay inspired and maintain your growth momentum. Since you are more accountable, you can develop wholesome habits to meditate and cultivate awareness. Life’s demands can draw us away from our commitment to growth; AGP is the antidote that can accelerate your expansion towards the boundlessness of Infinity.

Participant Comments

Sanctuary of Light

AGP is a sanctuary of Light and Love. 

I’m having an awesome time with AGP. I am truly grateful for the journey and your guidance along the way.

The group is full of amazing people. I feel blessed to be included in such a dynamic and healing group. Healing on every level!


Revelations of Truth

Looking back, I can absolutely say I am in a way better space since starting AGP. I am calmer, more open and confident. I like myself better. I feel that this is a path that reveals undeniable truths.

I trust the process, and I’m feeling a steady progress towards incorporating what is revealed.


I have felt that AGP has helped me to be more accountable in meditation and I have enjoyed our discussions both in the meetings and online.

Thanks for your leadership and guidance in helping me on the path to transformation.

I’ve been studying in the realm of awakening for so long, but something is happening as part of the AGP process that I never experienced before. It’s like something has gone quantum … I don’t understand what precisely has happened, but that is how it should be … or simply how it is. I feel my heart is opening more, and I’m in the real experience of a new ‘reality’. Gratitude is overflowing.


Guided Meditation and Light Blessings

Cascade of Blessings
Take your heart to new levels of expansion

AGP is a six-month program with online meetings once every month. The monthly sessions are for a three-hour duration and include the practice of Awakening Infinite Radiance (AIR), guided meditation, a blessing of Light, a brief talk followed by discussion.

In the upcoming Diamond Light Series, we will focus on the Light Body, which has diamond-like qualities. The Light Body is a higher aspect of our being, and activating it enables us to tune into super-high frequencies to raise our consciousness. This sequence will go from July to December 2024. Zoom details will be emailed prior to the first meeting date which is July 22, 2024.

All the monthly calls will be at 6 pm on a Monday evening (Pacific Time). The group size will be small, so there is plenty of opportunity to interact.

For those who cannot attend live, you will have access to the recording of the entire session.

What to expect

AGP has now been offered for over five years. Many participants choose to come back because of the uniquely beneficial effect of the program. These are the core activities in AGP:

  • Monthly group sessions
  • WhatsApp group for staying connected and inspire
  • 30-day meditation challenge with the group
  • Homework assignments

Additionally, there are several optional recommended activities.

  • Daily Awakening Infinite Radiance (AIR) practice
  • Just Be Study Group monthly conference call
  • Serving as a Light Emanator

AGP is open to all. However, it is not necessarily for everyone. It is meant for someone who has made personal growth a top priority, someone just like you. AGP can help you tremendously as you allow higher consciousness to pour in.

You can join from anywhere in the world. Your primary time commitment is to attend the monthly three-hour group session (or listen to the recording). Additionally, having a meditation practice of 20 minutes every day is recommended.

Cost: To benefit many, AGP is being offered at a very nominal cost even though such a powerful program would typically be priced much higher.

Light-Inspired Activities

Inspired by Light