Just Be Yourself - A Documentary

Just Be Yourself is a 36-minute documentary featuring an enlightening interview with Suresh Ramaswamy. Over 150,000 have enthusiastically viewed it! In this heart-to-heart conversation conducted by talented French filmmaker Anthony Chene, Suresh shares many insights on a range of transformational topics including his discovery of deeper truths. He answers questions such as: How do you work with dreams? What is the future of humanity?

A sampling of comments from viewers:

This documentary is my favorite. Suresh's clarity and ability to communicate in such a connected way, truly impacted me. I will watch this one many times. Thank you so much for your work.

This is the greatest interview I’ve ever heard. I’m going to watch this again and again. 

Suresh, I feel joy listening to you. You are an amazing teacher!! Very high wisdom! ❤️❤️❤️

This was powerful, engaging and full of wisdom. Thanks to Suresh Ramaswamy, his words are enlightening!

Wow, what an amazingly complete and clear explanation! This is sooo powerful and truly inspiring! I am so moved to strive to be in the flow. Thank you!

So enlightening! Loved it! We should all be living this way! The world would be much happier.

Perfect! I was literally cheering and laughing out loud as Suresh was sharing his wisdom. Yes!!!

Also this interview is available with Spanish subtitles.

Batgap Interview

Suresh’s journey and his insights on Light are among the topics covered.
I.F.: Fantastic interview… high vibrations throughout. Rich with wisdom and in my humble observation, Suresh is the real deal.
C.L.: Fabulous interview…one of the best….and I have seen them ALL!!!
S. K.: 2 hrs of pure Light :’)


Infinity Speaks

In this in-depth interview by Alex Hickman, we cover a range of topics: awakening, truth, consciousness, phases of growth, pitfalls, death, ayahuasca, and more.


Keys to Awakening

Get to know the keys to awaken to your true nature. This incredible event at the Temple of Clarity is a blend of talk, interaction, and meditation.

For ardent and receptive seekers, built into this sharing by Suresh is a transmissive vibratory element to illuminate your inner being, shifting you by a quantum degree towards awakening. Be sure to watch and partake of this effulgence.

Souljourns Interview on Awakening

Get a deep understanding of awakening to your true self in this in-depth heartfelt interview by Ted Henry, award-winning news anchor and now host of the popular Souljourns channel.

Live as Infinity: Dialogue with Atlas

This spirited and fun-filled conversation was broadcast live on many channels. Partake in the delight of this informal exchange as we cover profound topics.

Tasting Infinity: Dialogue with Garrett

Garrett Stevens, President of Hemi-Sync interviews Suresh about his journey. Suresh and Garrett delve into the ultra-high frequencies of the Light of Infinity, which raises our vibration and facilitates quantum shifts in our consciousness. The Tasting Infinity guided meditation is now available.

Talk at Temple of Clarity

Suresh spoke at the Temple of Clarity on the topic Your Infinite Nature. In this informal presentation, he describes the journey of transformation and how life experiences expand our consciousness, leading us to the truth of our being—Infinity.

Podcast for Your Soul

Suresh is interviewed by Nico in Germany about the phases of transformation and how how Light can bring about a quantum shift.

Esoteric Moon Gathering

Suresh Ramaswamy is interviewed at the Esoteric Moon gathering. He shares about the crucial yin aspect of spiritual awakening. For those on a transformational journey, these are unique and powerful insights. Included is an inspired moon meditation.

The Spiritual Wildfire Summit Interview

We live in extraordinary times… both exceptionally promising and radically uncertain. Suresh is interviewed at the global summit Igniting the Worldwide Spiritual Wildfire We Need Now. This interview “is excellent and opened a door to another level of consciousness bringing in harmony and balance to my life,” said one viewer.


A Magnificent Mind on VoiceAmerica

In this podcast episode, we explore many things, like what it means to truly be yourself, how people can be ‘ripe’ or not, what changes and what doesn’t change when you connect to your true nature, how emotions get both more profound and less problematic, and much more. Click on the image alongside to listen to the interview.

Ascension and Beyond

In this enlightening interview from the “Live Your Most Evolved Life” Summit, Suresh delves into the profound topic of “Ascension Through Transcendental Light.” He shares his insights on spiritual evolution, consciousness, and the role of Light in personal transformation.


Messages of Hope on Unity Online Radio

Suresh was interviewed by Suzanne Giesemann, a former U.S. Navy Commander who served as a commanding officer and aide to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Suzanne is the author of 13 books. Her gift of evidential mediumship has been recognized as highly credible by noted afterlife researchers and organizations. 


The Marie Manuchehri Show

Marie Manuchehri is an energy medicine healer and author of Intuitive Self-Healing. On her wildly popular radio show, she interviews Suresh discussing his book Just Be. Enjoy!

The Shift Network Interview

This is a 15 minute interview packed with important concepts. The question that was posed to Suresh: “What is the difference between spirituality and your infinite essence?”


11:11 Talk Radio on Voice America

Embark on a transformative journey with Suresh as he delves into the essence of beingness, consciousness, and spiritual growth. In this enlightening episode of 11-11 Talk Radio, hosted by Simran, Suresh explores the profound realms of human experience, identity, and the path to Infinity.


Spiritual Lunacy Podcast

Get a deeper understanding of death and the dying process, NDE’s, dealing with fears, and how Light changes everything.


Shoutout SOCAL Interview

Suresh was interviewed by SHOUTOUT SOCAL magazine in March 2021. Click on the image alongside to read the interview.


San Diego Voyager Magazine Interview

Suresh was interviewed by the San Diego Voyager magazine and featured as part of San Diego’s Most Inspiring Stories in July 2019. Click on the image alongside to read the interview.

Transform Your Life - The Interview

Originally appeared on Conscious Awareness TV, this approximately 1-hour interview with Suresh explores how to transform your life.

Just Be The Invitation - Book Trailer

Just Be is an invitation to discover your essence.


Booknomics Interview

Suresh was interviewed by the Pothi.com team who is at the forefront of Publishing, Print on Demand, Self-publishing in India about the inception of Just Be, the principles behind it, the importance of transformation, the writing process, and much more! Click on the image alongside to read the interview.


Software Lifecycle Stories Podcast

In this 47-minute conversation titled Just Be-Right Now! recorded in Bengaluru, India, Suresh shares about personal transformation, keys for entrepreneurial success, operating in an environment of uncertainty and risk in a startup, letting go, personal and professional relationships.

Just Be The Manual for Life - Book Trailer Two

Just Be is the ulimate manual for life.

Available NOW

Just Be

Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity

“Just Be is the ultimate manual for life—a classic in the vein of Eckhart Tolle. Discover the ‘art of being’ and be uplifted and awakened by light. Suresh Ramaswamy is a transformational master gently guiding us back to our infinite essence. Just Be is a must-read for anyone dedicated to personal growth!”

Marci Shimoff, Transformational Leader
#1 NY Times bestselling author of Happy for No Reason

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