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Among the best books on consciousness and spiritual awakening
While thousands of voices out there tell us we must do something to gain enlightenment and connect to our spiritual heritage, Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity by Suresh Ramaswamy teaches a revolutionary concept: being. In this classic book, the author offers a journey in three phases, a path to discover and connect with the light of our uniqueness and Infinity. It is the journey through three phases to fully living as Infinity, one that culminates in “a continual beingness as essence.” At the end of this journey, “Opportunities now open up to play and contribute in relative realities of this existence… To fully embody Infinity is to engage with all levels of reality — from subtle to manifest — and enliven the highest inherent throughout creation.”

Just Be is one of the best books I have read on the subject of consciousness and spiritual awakening. Suresh Ramaswamy helps readers rediscover the hidden light they carry within and the secret to transforming every area of their life by mastering the innate laws of being. The book is filled with insight and practices that will help readers connect deeply with themselves, understand the core principle of beingness, and use it to transform their lives from within. The writing is filled with symbolic language, but it is very accessible. The ideas are so logically developed and the progression is well structured to help readers follow the inner journey to light with relative ease. If you were to read one spiritual book this year, let this be it! A rare gem filled with wonderful truths and insight.

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Like nothing I’ve read before!
Just Be is more than just a book. It’s a thought-provoking personal growth guide teeming with profound insights page after page. It’s a meditation/mindfulness instruction booklet offering a wide range of mind-blowing practices that can take you places you’ve never been. It also serves as a type of life manual that I’m going to keep on my bookshelf for future reference and reflection.

One of the biggest takeaways for me is Suresh’s assertion that many of us tend to get caught up in too much thinking and doing. He argues that if we shift our focus to “just being” then life will take care of everything and all those things we’re trying to do will get done. Already, I am seeing that play out in my own life. Such a simple yet powerful shift in focus!

The book is divided into three parts, and they’re all very different. The first part delves into complex issues such as relationships, feelings and emotions and contains many fresh insights. As you might expect, this part of the book is pretty deep, so be patient as you read—and reread—through the different sections.

In the second part, the language and tempo shift dramatically, so much so that it feels like a different author wrote it. The more you read, the more you feel a sense of clarity, lightness.

The third part is incredibly smooth, eloquent, and simply beautiful. You’ll find yourself gliding right through it as if you had dialed in directly to the universe. It’s full of practices that can help you relax, meditate, and become more self-aware. In short, exercises that can help you see how beautiful life can be. I think we could all use a little more of that!

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An important book for anyone serious about enlightenment
I have read many spiritual books and practiced spiritual techniques for many years. The front cover promises to “Transform your Life and Live as Infinity.” And it did that for me. I read it and practiced the techniques.

Just Be is an important book for anyone serious about Enlightenment. ? Just Be is helpful, straightforward, and easy to read. As a busy physician in a large city (Los Angeles), I needed a book like this. ????

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Transformative guide to Infinity
Just Be is a beautiful resource which will guide you to an understanding of your true Infinite nature. If you are interested in finding meaning to life beyond this material world then I would recommend this book, as it provides the framework to open the portal to Infinity and help you find ways to access that soul connection. The writing style is conversational, and I felt as though a good friend were speaking to me with the intention of helping me to reach a higher level of consciousness. I have read this book several times and each time something new speaks to my soul. The author’s loving intention to share the insights he has experienced in his journey is felt throughout the book, guiding you to the transformative power of the Light of Infinity. Enjoy the beauty and simplicity of Just Be!

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From a place of warmth and absolute endearment… Fantastic meditative exercises
Just Be is a self help book that opens a reader up to the prospect of an expanded reality and self, resulting in greater fulfillment within the earthly life while on a path to infinite living. The book is broken down into three distinct and comprehensive parts: Part I: The Landscape, Part II: The Way Out, and Part III: Living As Infinity – each part contributing to a phase of transformation on the journey to infinity. From the smallest of transitions, such as controlled breathing, to some of the more advanced techniques to a state of consciousness called Oneness, Ramaswamy guides in practical and applicable steps in this well-written and enlightening book.

The first thing I was relieved to find when I first opened Just Be is that Suresh Ramaswamy writes in a manner that feels neither preachy nor judgmental in any way at all. The voice is confident and scholarly without being domineering, and the message (which is spiritual as opposed to being religious) comes from a place of absolute warmth and endearment…evident through the care Ramaswamy pours onto each page. The meditative exercises are fantastic even if the scope of the text takes more time to absorb. I’ve returned back to the book multiple times since completing it and continue to learn from it. The process might be slow, but as the end game is to live as infinity, time languidly evolves from something we lack, transforming—like everything else—into a beautiful and boundless continuum.

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Sublime and substantive pathway to a life worth living.
Just Be is a journey of science and spirit full of accessible and effective practices to enrich and enliven every aspect of our time here on earth. Just Be is a beautifully written book that invites a wider perspective of just about everything. Masterful.

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We all need this book in our personal libraries.
Well, Just Be is just an awesome book. The author shows us his talent and brilliance. A reader can really put one’s trust in every written page. We all need this book in our personal libraries. It is a standout; the chapter on dying is simply dynamite with a real slice of life that is mind-bending. This is a very valuable book done by an accomplished author with such insight. The book is exquisitely detailed and assembled with great care.


Vital Spiritual Nourishment!
This is a great book. I have it by my bedside table to read at night—a great spiritual resource. I highly recommend it. It’s one of those books, you can spontaneously crack open and read a paragraph anywhere in it for spiritual nourishment.

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Profound insights on love, connects you to peace within
At a time in my life when I was going through some challenges, this book has been very supportive and uplifting. I think the most powerful message that it offered was recognizing the deep sense of peace and inner joy that one can develop when taking the time to engage in just being. It also helped me to recognize that while one may have goals in life, if the ultimate source of fulfillment can be connection to Infinity/God, this helps one to detach more from looking to external goals as the ultimate source of fulfillment in life. What’s beautiful is that by recognizing that inner fulfillment is already attainable, it makes reaching toward external goals less threatening, and has been helping me to make decisions and move forward in my life from a place of love rather than fear. This book has some profound insights on love, and has helped me to connect more with my own inner source of love, opening my desire more to extend it outward to others in a way that is unconditional and fully accepting of people just as they are. I am also striving to just go with the flow of life more rather than feeling such struggle to try and figure everything out, or resisting what simply just is… As a reminder, I even wrote a post-it note on my bathroom mirror, “Strive to maintain a state of frictionless flow.” Thanks for writing such an amazing book Suresh!

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Speaks to the heart, presented with the care of a diligent friend
The voice of Suresh Ramaswamy is incredibly soothing as he guides the reader through the many stages of spiritual development while alerting you to the guideposts and other encouraging signs to look out for along the way.

I found his approach to relationship challenges incredibly helpful. Rather than feeling constrained by outer circumstances, Ramaswamy offers ways to integrate his meditative teachings into your relationships and your life, and to go beyond limiting constructs that so often bring misery towards a self-directed quest for happiness.

Yes, indeed Ramaswamy offers much guidance in the form of his presence; the roadmap offered and the meditation, breath work and journaling exercises presented in the book.

If you are looking for something that speaks to the heart and the passage of emotions as you dive into your spiritual practices this book is for you, a hardcore topic presented with the care of a diligent friend. You feel as if you are being well attended to with every teaching presented. You will also have a solid daily meditation practice at the end of it.

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Recommended read for all Mankind.. A Masterpiece..
Suresh’s Just Be is a wonderful compilation from the author’s Heart. It inspires the readers to the possibility of Infinity.

It is very practical. It is a book born out of the author’s personal experiences, inspirations and experiments. I can personally attest to the potency of the “Paperball Release Technique” for discharging troubling emotions mentioned in chapter 4 of the book.

A recommended read for all Mankind.. An Invaluable Gem… A Masterpiece..

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Radiates light and love
For anyone on the path of personal transformation and growth, this book is a must-read. It offers practical strategies and profound insights that lead us back to the essence of who we really are and what it means to live from a place of Beingness.

I love this book and recommend it to anyone who is looking for transformation from within. Uplifting and inspirational, I find myself reading it again and again. Just Be radiates light and love.

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Just Be is a book for all seasons and all reasons… the only book you need to read for 2019.
You could be carefree in the comforts of life and find great inspiration from the enlightened thoughts within. Or you may be, as I am, troubled by the stresses and tumult of worldly cares and seeking ways to make sense of it all.

This book is both light and heavy. Written in Suresh’s natural speaking style, it flows with ease. His grace and love are evident in the clarity of presentation. It’s paradoxically heavy to me because of the depths that these ideas touch and sometimes it’s necessary to pause, to allow the feelings to develop from the enormous impact of what first appears to be simple words and ideas. What I found in the first chapter alone gives me great hope for finding inner peace and acceptance of the nature of life’s struggles. Beyond that too, openings for inner truths to emerge.

Unlike many or most other approaches to inner peace, Just Be is both independent of AND compatible with religion. Whether you’re of a godly faith, agnostic or fiercely atheistic, the strategies and thoughts presented can happily coexist and greatly enhance your beliefs. More importantly, Suresh’s insights and cues to Being are orthogonal to any system of religion or secular thought you may hold and will enhance your prayer, mindfulness, and/or meditation practices. In parts of certain chapters, I can almost hear the related Sanskrit verses that would relate to the principles underlying his approach. At others, the Dalai Lama’s teachings sing alongside in harmony, and certainly there is the truth of the Abrahamic faiths throughout.

So very significantly, you’ll not find any mention of Spirit, spirit, soul, or God. It’s totally up to the reader to align these concepts with the contents. Thus, the book transcends religiosity, culture, and ethnic influences.

Finally, my recommendation for you is to read the book linearly. Don’t skip chapters; each builds on the preceding. Go through each exercise, even if you feel the resistance. That is when you need it the most!

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Exceptional.. Revelatory and transfixing
Suresh Ramaswamy’s Just Be is a timeless trove of wisdom wrapped in inspiration, pure consciousness, and the most pristine kind of love. Every word rings with truth, guiding us on an enthralling and life-changing expedition to discover our true essence. Revelatory and transfixing, prepare for the exceptional!

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Comprehensive, readable, inspired… perfect for serious seekers
Just Be extensively covers subject matter applicable to personal growth enthusiasts and spiritual seekers. Each chapter has much to offer. This is the kind of book you will want to come back to, again and again. If you are serious about transformation, Just Be is the book for you!

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Provides practical tools
Just be not only answers many of your questions, but offers very practical tools for personal growth.

With the profound insights in this book, you will discover that what you have been looking outside is in reality within you.

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Universal and timely, a great investment
Just Be’s message and practices are for everyone. Timely and worth every penny. Highly recommended!

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The highest truth and wisdom you can experience
Just be simplifies spirituality for common people with a rational (scientific) mind and at the same time provides the highest truth and wisdom to be experienced by the reader directly.

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Enthusiastic readers from around the world

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A more direct and less obstructed path to the mountain peak of Being
The journey to enlightenment, while singular in its final destination, is open to a variety of paths, often described using individualized terms and personalized, even customized, examples for the pupil. Suresh Ramaswamy’s guidebook, Just Be, is uniquely geared to the mindset of contemporary self-help gurus and self-improvement zealots. As such, it runs the risk of constraining universal insights into a checklist of sequential, goal-oriented accomplishments. On the other hand, it also lends itself handily to a much wider audience than most esoteric wisdom teachings, often demystifying the ancient concepts with modern vocabulary, thereby providing an avenue for spiritual growth more applicable to Western thought and understanding, as well as offering a more practical guide for young seekers graced by such an interest.

The strength of Just Be and its efficacy lies in Suresh Ramaswamy’s inclusiveness of material paired with his bullet-point conciseness of delivery, allowing the general reader a kind of measuring tool with which to track his progress. The author is quick to convey that one cannot truly reduce such transformation to a numerical assessment, but his method does allow one to reassess more clearly what transformative effects result from such a practice. In addition, Ramaswamy is conscientious enough to clarify the wider cosmological context in which this transformation is taking place. While some may find the modern, even somewhat scientific, terms in Just Be to be less evocative than their more traditional forebears, others will find a greater accessibility to the truth resonant in these same terms. And maybe they will find, thereby, a more direct and less obstructed path to the mountain peak of Being.

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Highly engrossing read… friendly but extensive guide to transformation 
Just Be is a guidebook full of self-help advice, penned by author Suresh Ramaswamy. Described by critics as ‘the ultimate manual for life’, this extensive guide provides spiritual advice and mantras to help its readers seek a wider connection with the world, a more fulfilling life and a true sense of enlightenment. The volume offers tales of wisdom and personal insights from its author, covering such topics as success in relationships, the nature of love, success with peaceful meditation, accepting and knowing your true self, and how to change your life by changing your own personal thoughts and attitude first. In terms of practicality, the guide offers daily practices and real exercises that users can employ daily to lead to their overall transformation.

Suresh Ramaswamy writes with great confidence about the possibilities that can be unlocked through this new transformative method, giving advice like a well-informed friend. I found this narrative style to be highly engrossing during the read, and the organization of different sections makes it easy to find the topics that most concern you. The advice within each section contains its own specific exercises, but overall it builds to the same message of transforming your thought processes and wider consciousness of life in order to make the major changes and successes that you desire. It will require regular work to succeed, as with any book of its genre, and I’d recommend Just Be to readers seeking a friendly but extensive guide in this area.

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Thought-provoking, welcoming and soothing… a unique take on self-help
Just Be is quite a unique take on self-help as it does not align itself with any specific religion or culture. It transcends those ideals and gives readers a diverse, intellectual and oftentimes reflective guide that does not solely exist to help a troubled person, but also strives to help anyone looking for self-improvement. Looking at the length of Just Be might be intimidating, but when you get down to reading it you’ll feel welcomed and soothed, especially with the informal tone and flow of Suresh’s writing. We all sometimes feel overwhelmed with life because of how often we overthink our decisions and what others might think of us, but Suresh explains why sometimes we just need to allow ourselves to be lucid; in a sense “just be.”

Just Be is divided into three sections: The Landscape, The Way Out, and Living as Infinity. The first section addresses our past and our current state of being; it deals with emotions and relationships amongst other things. The second section assists us in understanding how we can exceed our limits. The third section delves deeper into this idea and will help readers integrate Just Be‘s practices into their life. This is a book I would recommend to friends and readers with a cluttered outlook on life. It might bring some clarity. I would also recommend Just Be to readers who love thought-provoking books. It was a pleasure to read.

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A very systematic and well planned book for enlightenment seekers

Just Be is beautiful book which describes how you can live peacefully in this world. Everything in this book is so systematic; it teaches each and everything step by step. I have been reading spiritual books from a long time and have been looking for someone who can guide me in my spiritual journey. After reading many books on wisdom and listening to so many people, I have found Suresh Ramaswamy to be the perfect teacher, mentor, and guide.

Perfect book for those who want to transform their life.

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Tasting Infinity with Just Be

Just Be is very close to my heart. When I attended the first workshop with the author of Just Be, its simplicity and clarity simply flowed through me as if someone had just told me my soul’s journey—past, present and future. Hence, when I read Just Be, I felt like I have the entire truth of the cosmos and my role in this cosmos, right here in my hands. You have to read it to experience this feeling of oneness with the book. This book has helped me to taste infinity like never before.

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From Just Me to Just Be

From “Just Me” to “Just Be” has been an awesome journey for me. Read and be changed for sure that is a guarantee. Just Be is a grand analysis of human psychology, a grand expression of love for humanity and a grand effort in imparting practical wisdom to a world in turmoil. If followed step by step, it can slowly and steadily transform our life into a most beautiful and fragrant flower of bliss. I humbly urge all schools and colleges and institutes of every kind, involved in the training of young minds to imbibe Just Be in their curriculum. I truly believe it will help create happier, outstanding human beings and professionals who will make Mother Earth smile once again with love, happiness and glow with peace. “Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier ” said Mother Teresa. Just Be has the ability to do just that. Thank you, bless you Suresh Ramaswamy for this gift.

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Just Be is transformational

Just Be is just too good – I couldn’t keep the book down once I started reading it. It’s not just another book to read and keep aside; it’s a life-guide with profound insights, techniques & practices for anyone who is looking to enhance their life – be it professional, social, family or spiritual life. It’s a direct first-hand experience of Suresh, articulated with great meticulous expressions. Practices, techniques and experiences are so well described that one can directly adopt them without needing a master or a personal guide. As I practiced some of them, I noticed that they are very simple, yet at the same time profoundly impactful. Just Be is not an intellectual literary philosophical work, it’s immensely life-transforming. Highly recommend reading this book and living it – Just Be.

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A guaranteed path for sincere seekers

It is the best body of knowledge which I have read till date. It has impacted me in several ways. The author has made such a complex subject so accessible and inspiring to help dig deeper into ourselves. More importantly, as I am going through my entrepreneurial journey it has turned into a spiritual journey which I had never expected when I started.

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Like a breath of untainted mountain air

Just Be is like a breath of the untainted mountain air after having spent a life cooped up in a windowless room!

It contains the timeless wisdom of the sages couched in modern vocabulary that is effortlessly understood by modern mortals like me.

Whether struggling with spiritual issues or mundane matters, I find myself turning to Just Be and unfailingly find uplifting answers.

The wide repertoire of techniques provided by Suresh have proven extremely beneficial to my health coaching clients in their journey towards better physical, mental and spiritual health.

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A beautiful gift from the Infinite

Just Be introduces its readers to an everlasting, ever-loving and non-judging friend—Infinity! Just Be considers all the practical aspects of our modern lifestyle and yet presents a promising way to awaken to our true nature. It suggests that, to unfold the mystery of Infinity, all we need is an open mind and a willingness to transform.

It provides us with a plethora of simple, but effective practices which purely intend the upliftment of the reader. One need not feel perturbed about which practice to choose, because the practices magically present themselves before us when we need them the most! People usually acknowledge only transcendence as spiritual growth. But, Just Be walks us through a holistic approach to growth—Transcendence, Integration and Embodiment. It also gives an effective insight about dealing with difficult emotions, relationships and people and use the same for spiritual growth.

Lastly, I would like to emphasize that Just be is definitely not a product of human thought. It is rather a beautiful gift from the Infinite which has manifested itself as a book through the pure heart of its author.

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A must-read for all spiritual seekers

If you are on a path of spirituality, this book Just Be is a must read for you. I have done retreats with Suresh and the experience I had during the retreat is inexpressible. I experienced the same during the read of the book. The book describes the practical methods to be in the ‘being’ state and connect to your absolute true nature that Suresh refers as Infinity. This book comes in the category where you buy one for yourself and one for your friend. May the message of Suresh reaches millions.

This book is always on our night stand. Each time I read it, it adds to the bliss.

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Inspiration and loving guidance

This book is one that I keep on my desk and return to often. It helps me to create awareness of my inner world which truly helps me to navigate the outer world. Suresh has a way of putting very complex concepts into easy to digest pieces of wisdom. The pages are beautifully designed and laid out. I’ve learned so much about myself and continue to grow as a result of owning this book.

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An absolute transformational manual for this life

I experienced an immediate connection to Suresh by watching an interview from an Anthony Chene film. I then read Just Be and realized this book was going to change my life. I have been meditating daily for 20 years and have studied extensively in eastern philosophy and spiritual related books. The teachings from this book are clear, pure, and radiant, just like the author himself. I learn something new every time I pick up the book. I have struggled with how to bring my meditation experiences into daily life. Suresh’s book is a practical guide on how to do just that.

I am feeling joy, bliss, and a connection to the infinite nature within myself. This book is for everyone, regardless if you are a beginner or more advanced. I feel like this book has synthesized all my prior learning into a clear path up the spiritual mountain. I recently did a Higher Self meditation which provided me with an answer that I “go out a hero” spiritually in this life. Suresh’s book will be my guide going forward. I feel very blessed to have found Just Be.

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