Experience and awaken with the Light of Infinity—the highest vibration in creation.

This Hemi-Sync recording uses complex, multilayered audio signals, which act together to create a resonance that is reflected in unique brainwave forms characteristic of specific states of consciousness.

Customer Review: “The experience of Light and Infinity was undeniable. It was just there. Blissful and deep.”


Learn to call upon the Light of Infinity to charge your inner being with Light, radiate it to all beings to uplift, heal or transform, and use the power of Light to awaken to your infinite nature and lead an empowered life. Suresh Ramaswamy’s second offering focuses on
transcendental Light, the fundamental vibrations underlying all creation that dwells well beyond the physical Light we are familiar with.

Features three tracks; Track 1 is the introduction, Track 2 is a verbally guided meditation, and Track 3 is a free flow allowing your own inner guidance to take you deeper.

Music by Rob Dobson. Executive producer Garrett Stevens. Engineered and mastered by Rob Dobson.


I felt a deep connection with Source. Light carried me to peaceful and healing levels of vibrations as I slipped into infinity.

It’s a sense of expansion, which feels like a break from the old you, your thought patterns and suffering.

The happiness experienced during these meditative states is supreme, far superior to any material happiness. Try it sincerely to be blown away.

The experience of Light and Infinity was undeniable. It was just there. Blissful and deep.

Thanks Suresh.


Full of light and the highest vibrations, this meditation brought me into some of the purest states I’ve ever experienced. I feel soothed, uplifted, and free. My heart and soul are soaring with gratitude for this experience, one I look forward to coming back to again and again.


Wow. This meditation is supercharged! I felt a major shift in my energy and vibration. Suresh’s guidance is calming and immediately puts you at ease. His heartfelt presence pairs perfectly with the music to guide you to higher states of consciousness.



In the above video, Suresh is interviewed by Garrett Stevens, Chairman & President of Hemi-Sync®, the producer of this album. We discuss Suresh’s previous album Tasting Infinity, but also discuss the concept of Light of Infinity.

Suresh and Garrett delve into the ultra-high frequencies of the Light of Infinity, which raises our vibration and facilitates quantum shifts in our consciousness. In these states of acute clarity, we may directly perceive the vast nature of our being. This realization has profound implications for our daily living.