with Suresh Ramaswamy

July 2021, Online

An Extraordinary Offering

Would you like to uplift every area of your life to the super high frequencies of Light? Join me for a unique event—a powerful offering inspired by Light itself! A magnificent empowerment from higher dimensional Light awaits you.

In this series, we will invoke Light so the grace of transcendental Light pours down on us. When invoked with earnestness and heart, the grace of Light infuses the depths of our consciousness awakening us to sublime truths. Leaving us transformed in deep and profound ways.

These Light Infusions have embedded Light codes optimal for each individual at this moment in time. These codes are not expressible in symbols or language but are built in to the light frequencies flowing from higher dimensions directly into your being.

Make 2021 a Spectacular Year

Joining this series can bring about clarity and a new level of functioning in every aspect of your life. The deeper you can let in the Light, the more profound the effect. Every individual will experience the magic in unique ways in accordance with their aspirations and growth trajectory. Your experience will unfold based on what is in alignment with your higher self.

What makes these sessions powerful is not simply the information shared but the vibrational transmission of high and pure frequencies of Light. They will enhance your access to higher states of consciousness. Give your life a huge boost to propel it in a positive direction for the coming year.

These sessions are meant for those who are interested in personal growth and higher consciousness. No previous meditation experience is required. They are especially suited for those who are aiming for the highest goals of awakening to their infinite nature.

Join Us From Anywhere

In the Light Infusion Series offered over four weeks in January, we will touch on every major aspect of life and infuse it with Light so as to bring about delightful inner and outer shifts in your life in 2021.

Four online sessions that you can join from anywhere in the world. And for those who can’t attend live, recordings will be available.

Date: July 10, 17, 24, 31
Saturdays at 9 am PST
75 minutes each session

Focus Areas
Week 1: Loving Relationships
Week 2: Joyful Abundance
Week 3: Thriving Wellness
Week 4: Higher Consciousness

You will have access to the entire series for a contribution of US $108 payable when you register before June 30, or US $150 after that.

Meet Your Guide

Leading this incredible series is Suresh Ramaswamy, author of award-winning bestseller Just Be: Transform Your Life and Live as Infinity.

Mystics and spiritual luminaries who can see deep have hailed Suresh as “a true spiritual master who lives daily in a glorious state of light… one of the purest lights and clearest embodiments of infinity.” Renowned intuitives and seers have extolled him as being “at an exalted level of consciousness rarely seen on the planet,” “a providential Emissary of Light,” and “a true saint.”

“When being taught, helped or guided by Suresh, you will find yourself being transformed and awakened at levels much deeper than his words.”

Bill Bauman, Ph.D., Modern Mystic

Author of Soul Vision and Oz Power, Co-founder of World Peace Institute and The Center for Soulful Living

The Light of Infinity

The Light of Infinity is the fundamental emanation from which everything arises. Consciously entering into and entraining with the Light of Infinity effectuates a recognition of our vast nature. In this series, we will be invoking the Light of Infinity.

What to Expect


Guided meditation with intense Light infusion


Key ideas to bring Light to every focus area


Q&A and interactions on topic of the week


Exercises to make Light real in your life

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