When you meditate, you may find unresolved stuff from the past naturally bubbling up. Instead of getting irritated that your meditation is not going well, pay attention. These energies popping up may require forgiveness work.

If you find that the stories in your head are centered around someone, you know who to forgive. But sometimes you can’t tell who or what you need to forgive. That is okay. You can still forgive. You can say: “I forgive whoever it was that is at the origin of this unresolved emotion that I am feeling.”

Sometimes you may recall something wrong you have done in the distant past. In that case, remember to forgive yourself! Be kind and gentle to yourself.

Forgiveness should not be confused with the following.
1. Condoning: By forgiving, we are not saying the other party’s actions are acceptable or good.
2. Exonerating: Forgiving does not mean the other person is blameless. They are still accountable and responsible for their actions.

Here is a beautiful prayer for forgiveness you can use. It is inclusive, expansive, and powerful.

Infinity, For Me, My Family, Our Entire Lineage
All Humanity
And All Beings Everywhere
Throughout All Time, Past, Present and Future
Please Help Us All Forgive Each Other
Forgive Ourselves, Forgive All People
And All People Forgive Us
Completely and Totally, Now And Forever
Please Infinity, Thank You, Infinity,
Thank You, Infinity.

The above words are by Howard Wills, and I have modified them slightly. He suggests saying the prayer five times in the morning and five times in the evening. You can also do it anytime during the day; the more, the better.

You may find the Soul Harmonization technique for clearing energies a valuable complement to forgiveness. This technique is described in my book Just Be.

An important related point is not to harbor resentments, grudges, or ill-will towards those we feel have wronged us somehow. These feelings may seem justified, and yet, they are an invitation for us to be BIG. We need to see beyond the specifics of the drama that played out. We need to see the other not as a small person who did a small thing that hurt us but instead as something much bigger that defies definition.

On the human level, forgiveness can be one of the hardest things to do. Meditating for a hundred years on a remote mountaintop can look relatively easy compared to this letting go. And yet, this is important and spiritual.

Supercharge your efforts by calling upon Light. I am also with you supporting you and energizing you as you make a valiant attempt to forgive and release.

Forgiveness is primarily an internal process. However, sometimes follow-up action may be appropriate. After doing the inner work, feel into whether an external action like a thoughtful note or card seems right. Be creative as you consider actions to take.

Forgiving is what is critical—forgetting may or may not happen. If we forget without forgiving, the unresolved energy will reappear for resolution in the future. We probably won’t like the future situation.

Signs that your forgiveness is sticking:
1. When you replay the past incident, you don’t feel strong emotions, i.e., emotions with a charge to them.
2. You feel neutral towards the other person (or group/organization).
3. You are able to wish the other person well.

Imminent death can accelerate our willingness to let go. But there is no reason to wait for that. Release now. Forgive now. Love now. So that when your final moments in this body arrive, you have already done the work and are clear.

Finally, remember that forgiveness is not a one-time action. You may need to forgive, again and again, each time going to a deeper and more authentic level.

Forgiveness is important and essential. True forgiveness is not a mental activity. It comes from the heart—a heart that wants to expand and grow.

Forgiveness is generosity. A bigness. A yearning to reach for Infinity itself.