It is not uncommon to feel overwhelmed and challenged by a variety of emotions that arise from work situations.

  • Do you feel insecure and fearful of being considered an underperformer and possibly losing your job?
  • Do you feel lost and purposeless on a typical day and find yourself looking forward to your next long vacation or retirement?
  • Is your personal life languishing because you cannot devote enough attention to your relationships?
  • Are you being asked to perform at unrealistic levels without adequate resources and training?
  • Are you resorting to addictive behaviors to cope with high levels of stress?
  • Do you feel you are treated unfairly at work? Perhaps your peers do not see your contribution and skills fully.
  • Are health issues beginning to detract from your ability to be productive at work?

So many of us feel drained, overwhelmed, and burnt out because of your work situation. And yet we keep at it because it provides a reliable source of income and helps us pay the bills. Is this frustration and confusion a temporary phase? Or is this feeling of being lost something bigger than needs attention. Maybe more than a vacation is needed to fix it. Ongoing stress and a repeated feeling of being stuck often points to a larger issue.

While work situations may appear quite real, often much more is happening than is apparent. We are usually placing considerable emphasis on the surface level of events, while missing the underlying dynamics. The good news is you can certainly get unstuck and function with greater freedom.

Here are 5 tips that can shift your situation and take you to a new level where you thrive and shine.

1. Recognize the meaning

Your work situation is not arbitrary. It is happening for you, not to you. It is helping you grow and reach a higher level of functioning. The specific situation you are in is just right to push you out of your comfort zone into a more expanded state. Step back and see the patterns at play.

2. Release Difficult Emotions

Even if the external situation remains unchanged, you can dramatically change your subjective experience of it. Strong emotions make the situation feel personal. Go beyond a personal perspective. When you release your pent-up anger and fear, you will feel clearer and lighter.

3. Discern the Big Picture

Having released difficult emotions, take a fresh look at your situation now. Things will appear different. There will be less charge. You can now turn your attention to the big picture of your livelihood, career and life. What is this situation trying to teach you? How do the pieces connect with your higher goals?

4. Take Creative Action

From a place of acceptance and composure, you will see a larger solution space. When you feel stuck, you see limited choices. Even quitting might appear like a compelling option. As you calm down, you find there are some interesting opportunities in front of you other than the obvious ones of quitting or maintaining status quo. Act on the creative options you now see.

5. Find Your Purpose

This is the perfect time to reflect on your career path so far, and reflect whether the trajectory you are on is in alignment with your higher purpose. Perhaps this situation is the wake-up call you need to make some course corrections.

When you start experimenting with these tips, you will first feel relieved and then distinctly upbeat. The key is to start with one or two tips that look doable. You’ll notice an inner space opening up. You’ll breathe easier. Ingenious options will emerge and you will be uplifted by the vision of a bright future.

Your work is an important part of your life, it needs to align with your life vision. And there is much more to life than work. Life is a series of personal transformations. If you embrace this grander journey of growth, it can take you to deeper fulfilment. All aspects of your life are then positively impacted. Your life becomes infused with meaning and energy.

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