Use the Power of Consciousness to Heal

Sometimes chronic symptoms can leave us feeling disempowered and overly dependent on external expertise and therapies to heal. Did you know you can shift the trajectory of your healing journey and experience tremendous wellness with a fantastic resource you already possess—your consciousness! Yes, you can heal yourself through the power of your consciousness! By connecting with a higher aspect of your own being, you can take charge of your journey to wellness and unleash the power of your consciousness for healing and transformation.

You can even go beyond ordinary wellness to the more desirable state of higher wellness. Higher wellness is about more than just physical fitness, good nutrition, or being free of disease. It means being whole, integrated, and aligned in all dimensions—physical, emotional, and spiritual—so that you can fully engage with life, create, grow, and contribute without being hindered by limitations.

What does higher wellness feel like? There are several key components to the experience of higher wellness:

Connection: You feel a sense of connectedness with everyone and everything. This feeling can arise from a deep understanding of your interdependence and interconnection with all beings and the world around you.

Goodness: You radiate goodness continually, regardless of any possibility of reciprocation, towards all beings. This goodness is not an interpersonal, emotion-driven feeling but rather a pure love that arises from an abundance of joy and levity. It is a recognition of your wholeness and unity with all that exists.

Vitality: You have a steady flow of energy and light through the clear channels in your body. The flow allows you to express yourself and experience life fully. Such a state can come from practices such as meditation, yoga, or other energy work that help balance and harmonize the flow of energy within us.

Before we dive into how to use the power of consciousness, let us briefly explore the nature of reality. Creation consists of the physical plane, energy plane, and light plane. Pure consciousness is prior to all these planes. These aspects are also reflected within us. We have a physical body, an energetic body, and a light body, and our essence transcends all these layers of our being. Consciousness is fundamental and permeates the entire creation. We can tap into higher aspects of our being and the vast field of awareness to bring about healing and transformation.

The Infinity VitalizerTM healing technique is an excellent way to use the power of Light to bring about healing. To practice this amazing technique, find a quiet place to sit down and relax. From the depths of your heart, call upon the highest frequency of Light—the Light of Infinity—to help you heal so you can be full of energy and vitality and live your highest purpose. Visualize a spot of Light tracing the shape of the infinity sign (∞). Keep the spot continuously moving as you practice. Place the center of the infinity sign on your heart. The size of the infinity sign can be as big as your hand; it can also be bigger if you like. It may also grow in size during practice. After some time, move the Light to a specific area where you need healing. For instance, if you have right knee pain, visualize the Light moving with the center of the infinity sign on your right knee. The Light moving through a specific part of your body clears any blockages or imbalances and fills the area with vitality and well-being. Continue to move the Light and place it on any area that needs attention and love. Practice for 5 minutes a day or more if you can. Finish your practice by expressing gratitude to the Light.

The Infinity VitalizerTM is a blessing and inspiration from the Light of Infinity. By placing the Light in the area that needs healing as we stay connected with the Light of Infinity, we amplify and speed up the healing process. This practice generates an energy field that can support healing and wellness on all levels. Practice this healing technique with heart, and you will be delighted with the results. Remember that healing is taking place on many levels—some obvious and some not so obvious. You may feel relief from symptoms immediately, and sometimes it can also take quite some time before a specific symptom recedes. Be patient and soft.

The power of consciousness brings about healing; however, be sure to follow the protocols and therapies that your medical practitioner recommends. This technique does not replace any treatment or protocol your doctor prescribes.

In summary, higher wellness is about being whole, connected, and full of vitality. By tapping into the power of consciousness and using the Infinity VitalizerTM Healing Technique, you can have a deep and lasting transformation and live a life bursting with vitality and goodness.

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